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Untitled Document Firewall Service Filters You can add custom service filters not listed in the services tables below. Select any added custom service filters in the Policies section to enable advanced firewall settings.   Name TCP Port UDP Port Descriptions   Custom Services Service Name TCP UDP Descriptions   No Data Well-Known Services Service Name TCP UDP Descriptions AIM/New-ICQ 1590 AOL's Instant Messenger BOOTP Client 68 DHCP Client BOOTP Server 67 DHCP Server CUSeeMe 7648 24032 Video Conference Application DNS 53 53 Domain Name Server Finger 79 User information lookup program FTP 20-21 File Transfer Protocol H.323 1720 H.323 Host Call HTTP 80 80 HyperText Transfer Protocol HTTPS 443 Secured HTTP Session ICQ 4000 Online Chatting Application IGMP Internet Group Multicast Protocol IKE 500 Internet Key Exchange IRC 6667 6667 Internet Relay Chat MMS 1755 Microsoft Multimedia Streaming MSN Messenger 1863 Microsoft Online Chatting Application NEWS 144 A protocol for News groups NFS 2049 Network File System NNTP 119 Network News Transport Protocol PING ICMP Protocol POP3 110 Post Office Protocol version 3 PPTP 1723 Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol RCMD 512 Remote Command Service Real Audio 7070 A streaming audio service REXEC 514 Remote Execution Daemon RLogin 513 Remote Login RTelnet 107 Remote Telnet RTSP 554 554 Real Time Streaming Protocol SFTP 115 Simple File Transfer Protocol SMTP 25 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SNMP 161-162 161-162 Simple Network Management Protocol SQL-NET 1521 Structured Query Language SSH 22 22 Secure Shell Remote Login Program Stream Works 1558 Stream Works Protocol SYSLOG 514 System Log TACACS 49 Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Telnet 23 Terminal Emulation Protocol TFTP 69 Trivial File Transfer Protocol VDOLIVE 7000 Another video-conferencing solution    
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