Internet Setup for the Maplin AR25TU2Router Sceenshot

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  ATM VC       Virtual Circuit : PVC0 PVC1 PVC2 PVC3 PVC4 PVC5 PVC6 PVC7     Status : Activated Deactivated     VPI : (range: 0~255)     VCI : (range: 1~65535) QoS       ATM QoS : CBR UBR rtVBR nrtVBR     PCR : cells/second     SCR : cells/second     MBS : cells Encapsulation     ISP : Dynamic IP Address       Static IP Address       PPPoA/PPPoE       Bridge Mode PPPoE/PPPoA     Servicename :   Username :   Password :   Encapsulation : PPPoE LLC PPPoE VC-Mux PPPoA LLC PPPoA VC-Mux   Half Bridge : Activated Deactivated Connection Setting     Connection : Always On (Recommended)       Connect On-Demand (Close if idle for minutes)       Connect Manually   TCP MSS Option : TCP MSS(0:default) bytes IP Address     Get IP Address : Static Dynamic   Static IP Address :   IP Subnet Mask :   Gateway :   NAT : Disabled Enable   Default Route : Yes No   TCP MTU Option : TCP MTU(0:default) bytes   Dynamic Route : RIP1 RIP2-B RIP2-M Direction None Both IN Only OUT Only   Multicast : Disabled IGMP v1 IGMP v2            
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