Traffic Control for the MediaLink MWN-WAPR150NRouter Sceenshot

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WAN | Flow Control   Help   Traffic control is used to limit communication speed in the LAN. Up to 20 entries can be supported with the capability for at most 254 PCs' speed control, including for IP address range configuration. Interface: to limit the uploading and downloading bandwidth in WAN port. Bandwidth: to specify the uploading/downloading Min./Max. traffic speed (KB/s), which can not exceed the WAN speed.      Traffic Control Settings Traffic Control Interface Upload BW Download BW WAN: (KByte/s) Services: Protocol Port Service undefined TCP&UDP TCP UDP All All(TCP) All(UDP) DNS FTP HTTP HTTP Secondary HTTPS HTTPS Secondary TFTP IMAP NNTP POP3 SNMP SMTP TELNET TELNET Secondary TELNETSSL DHCP IP: 192.168.0. ~ Up/Down: Up Down BW Range: ~ (KByte/s) Apply:        
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