WLAN Settings Security Settings for the MediaLink MWN-WAPR150NRouter Sceenshot

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  Help   WEP Key: either ASCII (5~13 ASCII characters except / , and other illegal characters. ) or Hex legal characters (10~26 Hex characters.) WPA/WPA2-Personal: you can enable personal or mix mode, but you must make sure that the wireless client also supports the selected encryption method.     Security Settings Security Policy Security Mode Encrypt Type WEP None Default Key Key 1 Key 2 Key 3 Key 4 WEP Key 1 : ASCII Hex WEP Key 2 : ASCII Hex WEP Key 3 : ASCII Hex WEP Key 4 : ASCII Hex --> WPA Algorithms AES   TKIP   TKIP&AES   Pass Phrase Key Renewal Interval second   Notice: Wireless Security Settings 802.11n only defines three standard encryption methods: Open-None (Disable), WPA- Personal-AES, WPA2-Personal-AES. Other encryption methods are nonstandard. There may be compatibility problems among different manufacturers.      
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