Mofi Blocker for the MoFi MOFI3500-3GNRouter Sceenshot

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MOFI3500-3GN - Mofi Blocker - LuCI Skip to navigation Skip to content Navigation MOFI3500-3GN | Barrier Breaker (r36346) | Load: 0.53 0.15 0.08 | Auto Refresh: on off Advanced Basic MOFI NETWORK MOFI3500-3GN 4G/LTE + Overview + Wizard + HMA + Network General 3G/4G/LTE Wifi Optimizations WPS PeerVPN DHCP Unblockus Port Forwarding Console Forwarding DMZ IP Passthrough Webserver Failover Mofi Blocker Dynamic DNS Watchdog System Network Shares Aprx USB Print Server UPNP QoS + Firewall + System Mofi Blocker Mofi Blocker allows users to Block Websites by creating an Access List Mofi Blocker Enable Mofi Blocker Grab External List from Adblockers Force DNS to Router This will force ALL DNS even if configured on PC to the router Press Here to ReFresh/ReCreate Files!!! Block List Here you can paste websites (one per line) that you would like to block. Powered by LuCI (vsvn-r9812)
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