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MOFI3500-3GN - General - LuCI Skip to navigation Skip to content Navigation MOFI3500-3GN | Barrier Breaker (r36346) | Load: 0.01 0.03 0.05 | Auto Refresh: on off Advanced Basic MOFI NETWORK MOFI3500-3GN 4G/LTE + Overview General Status Modem Status Gather Support Logs Settings Logout + Wizard + HMA + Network General 3G/4G/LTE Wifi Optimizations WPS PeerVPN DHCP Unblockus Port Forwarding Console Forwarding DMZ IP Passthrough Webserver Failover Mofi Blocker Dynamic DNS Watchdog System Network Shares Aprx USB Print Server UPNP QoS + Firewall + System Welcome to the MOFI3500-3GN Version 2 Basic Set Up Area If you require more options, click on the Advanced button on the top right Visit www.mofinetwork for more info or email support@mofinetwork.com You can also visit our support forum, www.DummyHelp.com The MOFI router is the top of the line in router technology and we do welcome your feedback, Enjoy the MOFI! Public IP Address: \ (Public IP Detected!! - You have External Access to this router!) Run Setup Wizard (click here to setup wifi security) Change Language WPS 8 PIN Code: Selected interface 'wlan0' \ (Click for Wifi Setup) Powered by LuCI (vsvn-r9812)
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