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MOFI3500-3GN - Overview - LuCI Skip to navigation Skip to content Navigation MOFI3500-3GN | Barrier Breaker (r36346) | Load: 0.11 0.14 0.09 | Auto Refresh: on off Advanced Basic Changes: 0 MOFI NETWORK MOFI3500-3GN 4G/LTE + Status Overview Firewall Routes System Log Kernel Log Processes Realtime Graphs + System + Services + Network Interfaces Wifi Switch DHCP and DNS Hostnames IPv6 RA and DHCPv6 Static Routes Diagnostics Firewall QoS + Logout Status System Hostname MOFI3500-3GN Model MoFi Network MOFI3500-3GN Firmware Version 5.5 (Powered by OpenWrt Barrier Breaker (r36346) / LuCI svn-r9812) Kernel Version 3.8.13 Local Time - Uptime - Load Average - Memory Total Available - Free - Cached - Buffered - Network IPv4 WAN Status ? Collecting data... IPv6 WAN Status ? Collecting data... Active Connections - DHCP Leases Hostname IPv4-Address MAC-Address Leasetime remaining Collecting data... DHCPv6 Leases Hostname IPv6-Address DUID Leasetime remaining Collecting data... Wireless Collecting data... Associated Stations   MAC-Address Network Signal Noise RX Rate TX Rate Collecting data... Active UPnP Redirects Protocol External Port Client Address Client Port   Collecting data... Powered by LuCI (vsvn-r9812)
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