UPnP Advanced for the MoFi MOFI3500-3GNRouter Sceenshot

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MOFI3500-3GN - UPNP - LuCI Skip to navigation Skip to content Navigation MOFI3500-3GN | Barrier Breaker (r36346) | Load: 0.06 0.09 0.08 | Auto Refresh: on off Advanced Basic Changes: 0 MOFI NETWORK MOFI3500-3GN 4G/LTE + Status + System + Services p910nd - Printer server Dynamic DNS Tinyproxy UPNP Network Shares + Network Interfaces Wifi Switch DHCP and DNS Hostnames IPv6 RA and DHCPv6 Static Routes Diagnostics Firewall QoS + Logout Universal Plug & Play UPnP allows clients in the local network to automatically configure the router. Active UPnP Redirects Protocol External Port Client Address Client Port   There are no active redirects. MiniUPnP settings General settings Advanced Settings Start UPnP and NAT-PMP service Enable UPnP functionality Enable NAT-PMP functionality Enable secure mode Allow adding forwards only to requesting ip addresses Enable additional logging Puts extra debugging information into the system log Downlink Value in KByte/s, informational only Uplink Value in KByte/s, informational only Port Report system instead of daemon uptime Device UUID Announced serial number Announced model number Notify interval Clean rules threshold Clean rules interval Presentation URL UPnP lease file MiniUPnP ACLs ACLs specify which external ports may be redirected to which internal addresses and ports Comment External ports Internal addresses Internal ports Action Sort   allow deny allow deny allow deny Powered by LuCI (vsvn-r9812)
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