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Gaming Home  >  Local Network  >  NAT  > Gaming Help NAT / Gaming Service Name Age of Empires, v.1.0 Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome, v.1.0 Age of Wonders Asheron's Call Baldur's Gate Battlefield Communicator Buddy Phone Calista IP Phone CART Precision Racing, v 1.0 Citrix Metaframe/ICA Client Close Combat for Windows 1.0 Close Combat III: The Russian Front, v 1.0 Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far, v 2.0 Combat Flight Sim 2: WWII Pacific Thr, v 1.0 Combat Flight Sim: WWII Europe Series, v 1.0 Dark Reign Delta Force (Client and Server) Delta Force 2 Diablo II Server Dialpad DNS Server Dune 2000 eDonkey 2000 eMule F-16, Mig 29 F-22, Lightning 3 Fighter Ace II FTP GNUtella H.323 compliant (Netmeeting, CUSeeME) Half Life Hellbender for Windows, v 1.0 Heretic II Hexen II Hotline Server HTTP HTTPS ICQ 2001b ICQ Old IMAP Client IMAP Client v.3 Internet Phone IPSec IKE Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Kali KazaA Lime Wire Links LS 2000 Mech Warrior 3 MechWarrior 4: Vengeance Medal of Honor Allied Assault Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 Microsoft Golf 1998 Edition, v 1.0 Microsoft Golf 1999 Edition Microsoft Golf 2001 Edition Midtown Madness, v 1.0 Monster Truck Madness 2, v 2.0 Monster Truck Madness, v 1.0 Motocross Madness 2, v 2.0 Motocross Madness, v 1.0 MSN Game Zone MSN Game Zone (DX7 and 8 Play) Need for Speed 3, Hot Pursuit Need for Speed, Porsche Net2Phone NNTP Operation FlashPoint Outlaws pcAnywhere (incoming) POP-3 PPTP Quake II Quake III Rainbow Six RealAudio Return to Castle Wolfenstein Roger Wilco Rogue Spear ShoutCast Server SMTP SNMP SSH server StarCraft Starfleet Command StarLancer, v 1.0 Telnet TFTP Tiberian Sun: Command and Conquer Timbuktu Total Annihilation Ultima Online Unreal Tournament Server Urban Assault, v 1.0 VNC, Virtual Network Computing Westwood Online, Command and Conquer Win2000 Terminal Server XBox Live Games Yahoo Messenger Chat Yahoo Messenger Phone ZNES    "*" denotes custom service   NAT Table Monitoring Enabled:  Static NAT Back 2007 AT&T, Inc. All rights reserved.