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Motorola Netopia Time zone Page   Quickstart   LAN   WAN   Advanced Home  >  Configure  >  Advanced  >  Time zone TimeZone Time Zone: GMT-12:00 GMT-11:00 GMT-10:00 Hawaii GMT-09:00 Alaska GMT-08:00 Pacific GMT-07:00 Mountain GMT-06:00 Central GMT-05:00 Eastern GMT-04:00 Atlantic GMT-03:00 GMT-02:00 Mid-Atlantic GMT-01:00 Azores Greenwich GMT+01:00 Central Europe GMT+02:00 Eastern Europe GMT+03:00 Moscow GMT+04:00 Russia Zone 3 GMT+05:00 Russia Zone 4 GMT+06:00 Russia Zone 5 GMT+07:00 Russia Zone 6 GMT+08:00 W. Australia GMT+09:00 Japan GMT+10:00 E. Australia GMT+11:00 Russia Zone 10 GMT+12:00 Russia Zone 11 Auto-Adjust Daylight Savings Time:   2008 Motorola, Inc.   
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