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>Status>Network   Are you sure you want to perform the device personalization and Internet connection setup in the Wizard steps?       Are you sure you want to restart the device?         Network   Shows the status of WiMAX wireless broadband Internet connection. WiMAX Radio Interface: WiMAX Radio Overheat: WiMAX Radio Temperature: 45 C WiMAX Service Provider: 00:00:02 WiMAX Network State:   WiMAX Network Status:   WiMAX Network Security:   WiMAX Provisioning State:   WiMAX RSSI: -70 dBm WiMAX CINR: 12 dB WiMAX Downlink Throughput: 0 kbps WiMAX Uplink Throughput: 0 kbps WiMAX Packets Received: 956964 WiMAX Packets Sent: 222070 WiMAX Connection Up Time: 0day 14hr 7min 45sec WiMAX Disconnect Reason: NA Gateway Mode: Enabled IP Address: IP Subnet Mask: IP Default Gateway: IP Connection: Firewall: On Lease Obtained: Sat Jan 02 03:32:58 2010 Lease Expires: 0day 21hr 52min 16sec DNS Servers: , Time Server: EMS Server:   EMS Bootstrap:   Device Up Time:   Device Restart Reason: user forced(47)     Available Networks   Service Provider Name RSSI (dBm) CINR (dB) BS ID Preamble Index Truncated Sector ID Truncated NAP ID Segment ID --> Frequency (KHz) BW (KHz) Date & Time Select AP -->   -70 17   4 0x79  0x02   --> 2630500 10000 01/01/2007 07:00 AM -->    
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