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>Control_Panel>Certificate   Are you sure you want to perform the device personalization and Internet connection setup in the Wizard steps?       Are you sure you want to restart the device?         Software Certificate URL Filter --> System About Installed Certificates Select Serial Number Issued to Issued by Expiration Date WiMAX Forum(R) WiMAX Forum(R) Jan 2, 2053 VeriSign, Inc. VeriSign, Inc. Jan 18, 2015 VeriSign, Inc. VeriSign, Inc. Aug 1, 2028 VeriSign, Inc. VeriSign, Inc. Aug 1, 2028 Motorola, Inc. Motorola, Inc. Jul 7, 2036   Manages the certificates stored on this device. Click Browse button to locate the certificate file on your computer. Then click Import button to add the chosen certificate to the device. Select the certificates you want to remove and click Remove button to delete them.    
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