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Motorola Cable Modem : Router Basic -> DHCP Back Back to Basic Page   Status Basic Router Advanced Router   Wireless Protection & Parental Control   VPN Software Connection Diagnostics Security Event Log Setup DHCP DHCPv6 LAN IPv6 DDNS Backup/Restore Options IP Filtering MAC Filtering Port Filtering Forwarding Port Triggers RIP DMZ Basic Radio WPS RADIUS WEP Guest Access Advanced WMM Scan/Bridge Firewall Basic Firewall EventLog Parental Control IPsec L2TP/PPTP Event Log DHCP    DHCP server        DHCP Server Disabled Enabled DHCP Server: The DHCP Server assigns IPv4 Addresses to devices on your local network. Unless your local network has another DHCP server or some other unique feature, you should keep this server Enabled.       Starting Address of Local Pool . Starting Address of Local Pool: The DHCP Server draws IPv4 Addresses from a Pool. This parameter defines the starting address of the Pool. If you have changed the IPv4 Address on the Basic-->Setup page, you will need to change the value here to match the modified subnet. You can enter a new value and click Save to save it.       Number of Addresses in Local Pool Number of Addresses in Local Pool: This value defines the number of IPv4 Addresses available to assign to devices on your local network.       Lease Time of Addresses in Pool (seconds) Lease Time of Addresses in Pool (seconds): This value defines the lease time for addresses on your local network. The default of 86,400 is the number of seconds in one day.       DHCP Client List   DHCP Client List: This list displays all currently assigned IPv4 Addresses, along with the MAC Address and Hostname (if available) of the associated devices.        MAC Address IP Address Subnet Mask Duration Expires Hostname Select        Reserve IP Address   Reserve IP Address: You can reserve an IPv4 Address for a particular device by entering the IPv4 Address together with the MAC Address of the device. Alternatively, you can enter the Hostname of the device. Make sure that the IPv4 Address you reserve is within the range of the IPv4 Address Pool.        IP Address MAC Address Hostname    DHCP Static Assignment        Mac Address : : : : :    IP Address .    Friendly HostName        Current System Time: