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Motorola Cable Modem : Router Advanced -> Forwarding Back Back to Basic Page   Status Basic Router Advanced Router   Wireless Protection & Parental Control   VPN Software Connection Diagnostics Security Event Log Setup DHCP DHCPv6 LAN IPv6 DDNS Backup/Restore Options IP Filtering MAC Filtering Port Filtering Forwarding Port Triggers RIP DMZ Basic Radio WPS RADIUS WEP Guest Access Advanced WMM Scan/Bridge Firewall Basic Firewall EventLog Parental Control IPsec L2TP/PPTP Event Log Forwarding    Add a Forwarding Rule   Add a Forwarding Rule: Forwarding lets you run a publicly accessible server such as a web server, FTP server, or mail server from your LAN. Use the Add_IPv4 or Add_IPv6 buttons to create Forwarding rules.       Forward Requests from the Internet to these LAN Addresses and Ports    Local       IP Address       Start Port       End Port    External       IP Address       Start Port       End Port    Protocol    Description    Enable/Disable              Forwarding Rules Added   Forwarding Rules Added: To enable a Forwarding rule, do the following. Click the Add_IPv4 or Add_IPv6 button depending on which type of IP Address you have assigned your server or other device. Enter appropriate values into the fields that will appear. Make sure to click Enable. Finally, click the Save button.       Local IP Address    Start Port 9000    End Port 9000    External (Internet) IP Address    Start Port 9000    End Port 9000    Protocol BOTH    Description    Enable/Disable Enable        Local IP Address    Start Port 1025    End Port 1025    External (Internet) IP Address    Start Port 1025    End Port 1025    Protocol BOTH    Description    Enable/Disable Enable        Local IP Address    Start Port 80    End Port 80    External (Internet) IP Address    Start Port 80    End Port 80    Protocol BOTH    Description    Enable/Disable Enable        
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