MAC Filtering for the Motorola MG7550Router Sceenshot

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Motorola Cable Modem : Router Advanced -> MAC Filtering Back Back to Basic Page   Status Basic Router Advanced Router   Wireless Protection & Parental Control   VPN Software Connection Diagnostics Security Event Log Setup DHCP DHCPv6 LAN IPv6 DDNS Backup/Restore Options IP Filtering MAC Filtering Port Filtering Forwarding Port Triggers RIP DMZ Basic Radio WPS RADIUS WEP Guest Access Advanced WMM Scan/Bridge Firewall Basic Firewall EventLog Parental Control IPsec L2TP/PPTP Event Log MAC Filtering    Block Internet Access by MAC Address   Block Internet Access by MAC Address: MAC Filtering lets you block Internet access from specific devices on your LAN. Enter the MAC Address of a device and click Add to block Internet access from that device.       Block Traffic to and from the Internet for These MAC Addresses    Number (limit 20) MAC Address        1            
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