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Syslog Device Broadband Home Network Voice Firewall Diagnostics Troubleshoot Logs Update Resets Syslog Event Notifications NAT Table Syslog Syslog Off On Server IP Address Server Port Facility Local0 Local1 Local2 Local3 Local4 Local5 Local6 Local7 Log Level Alert Critical Debug Emergency Error Info Notice Warning System Log Off On Firewall Log Off On Voice Log Off On Help The syslog function, if enabled, sends log messages to the specified Server IP Address using the specified Server Port. You must have a UNIX-compatible syslog client for this feature. Facility: Syslog allows programs to supply an identifying Facility string that syslog will prepend to each log message. This allows easy selection of the log messages in interest. Log Level: This level is the severity level of logs sent to the syslog client. The severity level of the system may be more inclusive than that of the syslog. The levels in decreasing order of severity are: Emergency Alert Critical Error Warning Notice Info Debug Log Types: You can turn on/off various categories of syslog entries. 2013 Motorola Mobility Intellectual Property.
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