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Update Device Broadband Home Network Voice Firewall Diagnostics Troubleshoot Logs Update Resets Syslog Event Notifications NAT Table Update Current software version: 9.1.0h4d38 You may update your device's software manually by downloading the latest firmware from your service provider's support site to your PC's hard drive and then applying the update.   To continue the update, click on 'Browse...' to select the update file (*.bin) and then click on 'Update'.     Help Operating System Software is what makes your device run and occasionally it needs to be updated. Your Current Software Version is displayed at the top of the page. You should only update your device when instructed to do so by Customer Care. To update your software from a file on your PC, you must first download the software as instructed by your service provider. Browse your computer for the operating system file you downloaded. Click the "Update" button. If successful, your device will restart itself. The software installation and restart will take a few minutes. Please wait for it to complete. WARNING: Do not disconnect the wires or turn off the power to this device while the update is in progress. Your new operating system will be running. 2013 Motorola Mobility Intellectual Property.
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