Voice Status for the Motorola NVG589Router Sceenshot

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status Device Broadband Home Network Voice Firewall Diagnostics Status Line Details Call Statistics Status   Line 1 Line 2 Phone Number not provisioned not provisioned Registration State Down Down Line State Idle Idle Registration Details   Line 1 Line 2 Time Stamp N/A N/A Server Address Last Registration Message N/A N/A Last Retry Interval Help The device supports two telephone lines. Registration State: This state refers to the connection between the SIP server and the device for each line. Line State: This state refers to the Phone Line state for each line. TimeStamp: The time at which the last registration took place. Server Address: The IP Address of the Registration Server. Last Registration Message: Response to last Registration request, SUCCESS/FAILURE. Last Retry Interval: The interval in seconds before a registration attempt is retried. 2013 Motorola Mobility Intellectual Property.
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