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Confirm Configuration Manager Status Signal Addresses Configuration Logs Help This page provides information about the manually configurable settings of the Cable Modem. Configuration Frequency Plan: North American Standard/HRC/IRC Upstream Channel ID: 2 Frequency (Hz): 603000000 DHCP Server Enabled The SURFboard cable modem can be used as a gateway to the Internet by a maximum of 32 users on a Local Area Network (LAN). When the Cable Modem is disconnected from the Internet, users on the LAN can be dynamically assigned IP Addresses by the Cable Modem DHCP Server. These addresses are assigned from an address pool which begins with and ends with Statically assigned IP addresses for other devices on the LAN should be chosen from outside of this range Note: Resetting the cable modem to its factory default configuration will remove all stored parameters learned by the cable modem during prior initializations. The process to get back online from a factory default condition could take from 5 to 30 minutes. Please reference the cable modem User Guide for details on the power up sequence. Status | Signal | Addresses | Configuration | Logs | Help Copyright 1997-2002
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