Wireless Primary Network for the Motorola SBG6580Router Sceenshot

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Residential Gateway Configuration: Wireless - Primary Network   Wireless   802.11 Primary Network           help This page allows configuration of the Primary Wireless Network and its security settings.   1.0   tag to ident table -->   \ Primary Network Disabled Enabled Network Name (SSID) Closed Network Disabled WPA Disabled Enabled WPA-PSK Disabled Enabled WPA2 Disabled Enabled WPA2-PSK Disabled Enabled     WPA/WPA2 Encryption AES TKIP+AES WPA Pre-Shared Key Show Key RADIUS Server RADIUS Port RADIUS Key   Group Key Rotation Interval WPA/WPA2 Re-auth Interval WPA2 Pre-auth Disabled Enabled -->     WEP Encryption Disabled WEP (64-bit) WEP (128-bit) Shared Key Authentication Optional Required 802.1x Authentication Disabled Enabled Network Key 1 Network Key 2 Network Key 3 Network Key 4 Current Network Key 1 2 3 4 PassPhrase Automatic Security Configuration Disabled WPS The physical button on the AP will provision wireless clients using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)   Device Name     WPS Setup AP PIN:       WPS Add Client   Add a client:   Push-Button   PIN   PIN:  WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) -->   2001-2009 Motorola Corporation. All rights reserved.
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