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Status - Diagnostics --> Confirm Settings Do you want to continue? Logout SBG6580 Status - Diagnostics Home > Status > Diagnostics Ping and Trace Route are provided below. Ping is a utility that tests the SBG6580's ability to communicate with other devices. It causes the SBG6580 to send a test message to another device and wait for a reply. The SBG6580 communicates in two different directions: into the home network (Local Area Network or LAN) or onto the Internet (Wide Area Network or WAN). Ping tests can be performed in either direction. Also, a trace route can be performed to the WAN. A trace route will display each device that the test message passes through until it reaches its destination. Select Utility Ping LAN Ping WAN Traceroute Ping Test Parameters Target . . .   Ping Size bytes No. of Pings   Ping Interval ms is in ASP function --> TRACEROUTE controls > --> Pinging with 64 bytes of data:[In progress] ©2015 ARRIS Group, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.