Basic Setup for the Motorola SVG2501Router Sceenshot

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Residential Gateway Configuration: Basic - Setup   Basic   Setup             help This page allows configuration of the basic features of the broadband gateway related to your ISP's connection.   1.0   tag to ident table --> Primary Mode NAPT mode  Disabled Enabled Changes may require a reboot to take effect. Network Configuration LAN IP Address . . . MAC Address \ WAN IP Address \   MAC Address \   Duration D: 07 H: 00 M: 00 S: 00   Expires Mon Jul 16 07:43:03 2012   IPv4 DNS Servers: \     \     \     WAN Connection Type  DHCP Static IP PPTP (dhcp) PPTP (static) L2TP (dhcp) L2TP (static) PPPoE   Host Name (Required by some ISPs)   Domain Name (Required by some ISPs) --> MTU Size (256-1500 octets, 0 = use default) Spoofed MAC Address : : : : : Changes may require a reboot to take effect.   2001-2009 Motorola Corporation. All rights reserved.
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