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Residential Gateway Configuration: Status - Connection   Status   Connection           help This page displays information on the status of the cable modem's HFC and IP network connectivity.   1.0   tag to ident table --> tag and --> Startup Procedure tag and --> Procedure Status Comment Acquire Downstream Channel Locked Connectivity State OK Operational Boot State OK Operational Configuration File --> Security Enabled BPI+ tag and --> Downstream Channel --> Lock Status Locked Modulation QAM256 Channel ID 97 Symbol rate 5360537 Downstream Frequency 111000000 Hz Downstream Power -0.9 dBmV SNR 40.3 dB     tag and --> Upstream Channel Lock Status Locked Modulation QAM64 Channel ID 2 Symbol rate 5120 Ksym/sec Upstream Frequency 38000000 Hz Upstream Power 52.5 dBmV Current System Time: Wed Jul 11 04:39:31 2012   2001-2009 Motorola Corporation. All rights reserved.
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