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Residential Gateway Configuration: Basic - DHCP   Basic   DHCP            help This page allows configuration and status of the optional internal DHCP server for the LAN.   1.0   tag to ident table --> DHCP DHCP Server Yes No Starting Local Address 192.168.0. Number of CPEs Lease Time   DHCP Clients Reserve new IP address MAC address (e.g.11:22:33:aa:bb:cc) IP Address Host name 192.168.0. MAC Address IP Address Subnet Mask Duration Expires Select \ D:00 H:01 M:00 S:00 Wed Jul 11 04:42:58 2012 WINS Addresses Primary: Secondary: Tertiary:   Current System Time: Wed Jul 11 04:42:27 2012   2001-2009 Motorola Corporation. All rights reserved.