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Residential Gateway Configuration: MTA - Status   MTA   DHCP           help This page displays the MTA DHCP lease information.   1.0   tag to ident table --> CM DHCP Gateway TFTP Server Time Server Time Offset -10800 Lease Time Remaining D: 06 H: 23 M: 10 S: 12 Rebind Time Remaining D: 06 H: 02 M: 10 S: 12 Renew Time Remaining D: 01 H: 07 M: 21 S: 57 tag and --> MTA DHCP FQDN Gateway Primary DNS Secondary DNS Service Provider Primary DHCP Server Service Provider Secondary DHCP Server Provisioning Method BASIC.1 TFTP Server Address Vendor Client Identifier MTA supports PacketCable version 1.5 MTA has 2 enpoint(s). MTA does not support provisioning event reporting. MTA supports NVRAM ticket/ticket information storage. MTA supports the following CODEC: G.711-ulaw, G.711-alaw, G.729, G.729A, TELEVENT, T.38 MTA supports echo cancellation. First MTA Interface = 9 MTA supports: Secure, Hybrid, Basic provisioning flow Provisioning State Pass With Warnings MTA Enabled Yes Lease Time Remaining D: 06 H: 22 M: 04 S: 47 Rebind Time Remaining D: 06 H: 01 M: 04 S: 47 Renew Time Remaining D: 01 H: 08 M: 09 S: 34 tag and --> PacketCable DHCP Option 122 SNMP Entity (Sub-option 3) Kerberos Realm (Sub-option 6) BASIC.1 Provisioning Timer (Sub-option 8)   ©2012 Motorola Mobility, LLC. All rights reserved.
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