Wireless WMM for the Motorola SVG6X82Router Sceenshot

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Residential Gateway Configuration: Wireless - Wi-Fi Multimedia   Wireless   802.11 Wi-Fi Multimedia           help This page allows configuration of the Wi-Fi Multimedia QoS.   1.0   tag to ident table -->   WMM Support On Off No-Acknowledgement On Off Power Save Support On Off VLAN Mode Auto On Off --> tag and for the following 10 lines--> EDCA AP Parameters: CWmin CWmax AIFSN TXOP(b) Limit (usec) TXOP(a/g) Limit (usec) Admission Control --> Discard Oldest First AC_BE On Off AC_BK On Off AC_VI On Off AC_VO On Off EDCA STA Parameters:           AC_BE AC_BK AC_VI AC_VO EDCA TXOP Parameters: Sr1 Sfbl Lrl Lfbl MaxRate AC_BE AC_BK AC_VI AC_VO   �2012 Motorola Mobility, LLC. All rights reserved.
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