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>Status>DDNS Information Network Statistics Connection Status DDNS Update Status DHCP Clients Product Information System Log - Router DDNS Status         DDNS Server: DynDNS TZO           DDNS Client is disabled   Need Help? This page shows the status of the DDNS Client, where do I enable the DDNS Client? By default, the DDNS Client is disabled. To enable the DDNS client, click on the Advanced tab and then click on the Dynamic DNS Client button. Enter the appropriate information on that page and click the Save button. When is the DDNS Status updated? The DDNS status is updated every time the Vonage Phone Adapter receives a new IP Address. What service providers are supported? The Vonage Phone Adapter supports DynDNS and TZO as possible service providers. What are the possible status values? The possible status values are Updated , No Change and Error . Is the information displayed on the DDNS Status page continuously updated? No. To update the information displayed on the page, click the Refresh button.
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