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>Advanced>IP QoS IP QoS Port Forwarding IP Filters LAN Clients --> Web Filters Dynamic DNS Client Static Routing Dynamic Routing Remote Web Access Remote SSH Access Ethernet Switch Upstream IP QoS Shaper Configuration:     Qos Traffic Rule Configuration   Source IP Destination IP Source Port Protocol Delete Source Netmask Destination Netmask Destination Port Priority     Need Help? We recommend that only users with sufficient networking knowledge adjust QoS settings. What is QoS? QoS stands for Q uality o f S ervice. More... How do I define QoS Settings? There are two steps necessary to define QoS settings. First you must define your traffic rules and second you must configure your upstream bandwidth shaper. How do I add a traffic rule? Click on the Add button. The IP QoS Traffic Rule screen will appear. NOTE: Once you have defined your traffic rules, you must configure the QoS shaper. I have QoS setup on my router that is behind my Vonage Phone Adapter, do I need to setup QoS on my Vonage Phone Adapter as well? No. The QoS priorities you established on your router will be honored by the Vonage Phone Adapter. The only exception is that voice traffic will always be given the highest priority. How do I delete a priority rule? To delete a priority rule: 1.Check the Delete checkbox for the rule you want to delete in the table. 2.Click the Save button. How do I know which priority rules to leave in my table? You should leave only those rules you want to apply to your current network traffic. By default, voice traffic will always be given priority.
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