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>Tools>Update Gateway Restore Defaults Import/Export Configuration Remote Log - Router User Management Ping Test Restart   Select this button to import the configuration file.     Select this button to export the voice gateway configuration to a file on your computer. To export, you must first save the configuration. Need Help? Why should I export my configuration? It is a good idea to export your current configuration for a couple of reasons: If you need to restore the factory default settings of the device (either by pressing the reset button on the back of the device or via the Tools-Restore Defaults page of the Web UI). If you will be using your Vonage device in different locations. What exactly is being exported? When you save the configuration you are saving all the router settings you have configured in the device. Examples of the settings that are saved are ISP information and security settings. How do I export/backup my current configuration? To save your current configuration: 1. Click on the Export button. The File Download window will be displayed. Click on the Save button . 2. The Save As window will be displayed. Enter a File name (or use the default) and click Save . Why would I want to save/export different configurations? Having multiple configurations is useful if you use your Vonage device at different locations. For example, suppose you travel extensively between New York and Vancouver. You can have a configuration file for each city. The file will contain all information necessary for you to connect to your ISP in that city. When you move from one location to the other, you can simply restore the configuration file for that city. You will not need to go through the user interface and reset all your router values. How do I restore a previously exported configuration? To restore a previously exported configuration, you need to import the configuration file: 1. Click on the Import button. The Import window will be displayed. 2. Click on the Browse button. The Choose file window will be displayed. 3. Locate the file you want to restore and click on the Open button. The filename will appear in the Enter Filename field. 4. Click on the Import button. 5. A message will appear indicating the Vonage Phone Adapter is restarting.
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