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>Status>Network Statistics Network Statistics Connection Status DDNS Update Status DHCP Clients Product Information System Log - Router Network Statistics Choose an interface to view your network statistics: Ethernet WAN Wireless Transmit Good Tx Frames 100295 Good Tx Broadcast Frames 4 Good Tx Multicast Frames 0 Tx Total Bytes 32016037 Collisions 0 Error Frames 0 Carrier Sense Errors 0 Receive Good Rx Frames 140375 Good Rx Broadcast Frames 30522 Good Rx Multicast Frames 0 Rx Total Bytes 77444598 CRC Errors 0 Undersized Frames 0 Overruns 0 Need Help? What information is displayed on the Network Statistics page? The Network Statistics page displays information related to both your Ethernet and WAN connection. Understanding the information on this page requires advanced networking knowledge. We recommend that only users with advanced networking knowledge or a member of Vonage Customer Care interpret these statistics . More... Is the information displayed on the Network Statistics page continuously updated? No. To update the information displayed on the page, click the Refresh button. How can I tell if Iím connected to the Internet? There are three ways you can tell if you are connected to the Internet. The first way is by looking at the Link field on the Network Statistics page with the WAN radio button selected. If the Link field has a value of Up , then you are connected. The second way is by looking on the Home page. If it says Connected next to the WAN field then you are connected. The third way is by opening a web browser on your computer and trying to access a website.
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