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>Tools>Remote Log - Router Restore Defaults Import/Export Configuration Remote Log - Router User Management Ping Test Restart Remote Log Settings Log Level Log Level: Panic Alert Critical Error Warning Notice Info Debug Add an IP Address: Select a logging destination: None Need Help? How do I setup Remote Logging? Most users will not need to use the Remote Log utility. The log entries should be interpreted by users who have sufficient networking knowledge or a member of the Vonage Technical Support staff. To setup remote logging: 1. Select the Log Level from the drop down list. 2. If you would like to specify a new syslog server to send the log entires to (or have not previously entered one)enter the IP address of the syslog server in the Add an IP address field and click on the add button. 3. Select a Logging Destination from the drop down list. 4. Click on the Save button. The log entries are now being sent to the syslog server you specified. When I choose a log level, what types of messages are logged? Any message that has the severity level you chose, or higher, are logged to the destination you specified. What do the various Log Levels mean? The following is a list of the available log levels in order of severity: Panic system panic or other condition that causes the Vonage Phone Adapter to completely stop functioning Alert conditions that require immediate correction, such as a corrupted system database Critical critical conditions, as serious errors that cause partial loss of functionality Error error conditions that generally have less serious consequences than panic, alert, or critical errors Warning conditions that warrant monitoring Notice conditions that are not errors but might warrant special handling; this is the default Log Level setting Info events or non-error conditions of interest Debug software debugging messages; specify this level only when directed by a Vonage Customer Care agent
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