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>Tools>System Commands Restore Defaults Import/Export Configuration Remote Log - Router User Management Ping Test Restart Restore Defaults Use this button to restart the Wireless Access Point. It is important to Restart Access Point any time you change your Wireless settings. Use this button to restore factory default configuration. NOTE: Connectivity to the unit will be lost. You can reconnect after the unit reboots.   PMTU Discovery Setting Press this button to change the PMTUD settings. Do make sure you press "Save" to retain the setting across reboots. For this settting to take effect, you must reboot the device. Click the Restart button on the left. Need Help? How are the Restart and Restore Defaults functions different? Both the Restart and Restore Default s will restart the Vonage Phone Adapter. The Restart button will restore the settings from the last time the Save button was clicked. This has the same effect as power cycling the device. The Restore Defaults button will restore the factory settings. Why would I need to Disable (or Enable) PMTUD? PMTUD should only be disable if there is a problem with fragmentation and packet size. You should only Disable (or Enable) PMTUD is instructed to do so by your ISP or Vonage Customer Care. We do not recommend you change this setting.
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