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>Advanced>Static Routing IP QoS Port Forwarding IP Filters LAN Clients --> Web Filters Dynamic DNS Client Static Routing Dynamic Routing Remote Web Access Remote SSH Access Ethernet Switch Static Routing New Destination IP: Mask: Gateway: Metric: The Routing Table is empty. Need Help? What is Static Routing used for? Static routing is used to connect different/multiple networks on your LAN that are not on the same subnet. How many static routes can I add? You can define up to 16 static routes. How do I setup static routing? To setup static routing: 1.Enter the New Destination IP . This is either the network IP address of the subnet or you can enter the IP address of each individual device on the subnet. More... How do I delete a static route I have previous defined? To delete a static route, simply check the Delete checkbox associated with the route you want to delete in the Routing Table and click the Save button.
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