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>Wireless>Wireless Configuration Setup Advanced Security Access List Restart Wireless Advanced Configuration Beacon Period:  msec DTIM Period:      RTS Threshold:  Frag Threshold:      Power Level:  Full 75% 50% 25% 6%       Multi Domain Capability:  Country String:     -->       Band B/G         Current Reg. Domain: FCC IC ETSI SPAIN FRANCE MKK MKK1         Private Reg. Domain:         --> Note: After modifying the settings, if you choose not to automatically restart wireless, you must click the Restart option to make the changes to take effect. Need Help? MPORTANT NOTE: Most users will not need to change any of the settings on the Wireless Advanced Configuration page. We do not recommend you change any of the default network settings unless you have sufficient wireless networking knowledge or have been instructed to do so by a member of the Vonage Technical Support staff. What parameters are available on the Wireless Advanced Configuration page? Beacon Period DTIM period RTS Threshold Frag Threshold Power Level More...
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