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>Advanced>DNS Control TitleBar IP QoS Port Forwarding IP Filters LAN Clients --> Web Filters Dynamic DNS Client Static Routing Dynamic Routing Remote Web Access Remote SSH Access Ethernet Switch Dynamic DNS Client DDNS Server DynDNS TZO Enable Client User Name Password Domain Name Need Help? Why would I need to enable Dynamic DNS service? Dynamic DNS service makes it possible for other sites on the Internet to establish connections to your machine without needing to track the IP address themselves. It is commonly used for running server software on a computer that has a dynamic IP address. Many Internet service providers dynamically assign IP addresses. Configuring Dynamic DNS allows your device to register its WAN IP with a Dynamic DNS server on the Internet. How do I enable Dynamic DNS service? First, you must have previously established an account with a DNS service provider. You will need your user name, password and host name associated with that account. If you do not remember your user name or password, please contact your DNS provider. More... Why would I need to enable the DDNS client? You may want to enable the DDNS client if you are hosting a server behind your Vonage Phone Adapter. For example, you may be hosting a web server or email server on your LAN running behind the Vonage Phone Adapter. By enabling the DDNS client, users will be able to enter a more user-friendly, English like name for your server in their web browser instead of having to remember a specific IP address. Where do I enable the DDNS Client? To enable the DDNS client, click on the Advanced tab and then click on the Dynamic DNS Client button. When is the DDNS Status updated? The DDNS status is updated every time the Vonage Phone Adapter receives a new IP Address. What service providers are supported? The Vonage Phone Adapter supports DynDNS and TZO as possible service providers. What are the possible status values? The possible status values are Updated , No Change and Error . Is the information displayed on the DDNS Status page continuously updated? No. To update the information displayed on the page, click the Refresh button.
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