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>Home>Home   Setup The Setup section allows you to create new connections, edit existing connections, and configure other basic settings. Advanced The Advanced section lets you configure advanced features like RIP, Firewall, NAT and LAN clients. Wireless The Wireless section lets you configure access lists, security and other wireless features. Tools The Tools section lets you carry out system commands and perform simple system tests. Status The Status section displays status, log and statistical information for all connections and interfaces. Status Information System Uptime: 3 hours 10 minutes Firmware Version: 12.0.1-r100422-1.9.2 WAN: Connected DHCP IP: \ LAN: Connected Wireless RF: Enabled SSID: Current Time: Tue Jun 19 14:11:17 2012 Provisioning Status: Provisioned   Number Line Status Phone 1: \ In Use Phone 2: NA Not Registered Need Help? What information is available on the Home Page? The Home page contains a lot of valuable information. In addition to giving you a brief description of the contents of the other pages and showing you what version of the software your Vonage Phone Adapter is running, it contains the following information: More... What does it mean if it says N/A next to a phone line? N/A means that the telephone line has not been setup for use. It has no phone number associated with it. What is a GR-909 test? The GR-909 Test is a suite of hardware tests that are executed when your Vonage Phone Adapter powers up to determine if there are problems related to your physical phone line. What GR-909 tests are executed on my Vonage Phone Adapter? The following GR-909 tests are executed on the Vonage Phone Adapter: More... How do I know if a problem was detected by a GR-909 test? If there is a problem detected by one of the GR-909 tests, a message will be displayed in the Line Status field of the phone line having the problem. It will be accompanied by instructions on how to fix it. How can I tell if Im connected to the Internet? There are three ways you can tell if you are connected to the Internet. The first way is by looking at the Link field on the Network Statistics page with the WAN radio button selected. If the Link field has a value of Up , then you are connected. The second way is by looking on the Home page. If it says Connected next to the WAN field then you are connected. The third way is by opening a web browser on your computer and trying to access a website. What does the System Uptime indicate? The System Uptime indicates the amount of time since the Vonage Phone Adapter was restarted.