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>Advanced>LAN Clients IP QoS Port Forwarding IP Filters LAN Clients --> Web Filters Dynamic DNS Client Static Routing Dynamic Routing Remote Web Access Remote SSH Access Ethernet Switch LAN Clients Enter IP Address: Hostname: MAC Address: Dynamic Addresses Reserve IP Address Hostname MAC Type \ \ Dynamic Point at the error marker to see the error description   Need Help? How do I add a LAN Client with a Static IP address? To add a computer or other device on your LAN with a static IP address: 1.Enter the IP address of the device in the Enter IP address field. 2.Enter the Hostname of the device. This field is optional. 3.Enter the MAC address of the device in the MAC Address field. 4.Click the Save button. What information is displayed for each LAN client? For each client the IP Address, Hostname, MAC address and Type of connection is displayed. The type is either Dynamic or Static . What does the Reserve checkbox do? You can think of the Reserve checkbox as converting a dynamic IP address to a static IP address without having to define a static IP address on the client. The Vonage Phone Adapter will assign the current dynamic IP address to the client for 30 days. When the 30 day lease expires the same IP address will be reassigned. So from the Vonage Phone Adapter perspective, this is a permanent or static IP address. I have my Vonage Phone Adapter configured as a DHCP server. Do I need to specify the IP addresses of the computers/devices on my LAN? No, if your Vonage Phone Adapter is configured as a DHCP server IP addresses will be assigned to those devices automatically.