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>Advanced>Port Forwarding IP QoS Port Forwarding IP Filters LAN Clients --> Web Filters Dynamic DNS Client Static Routing Dynamic Routing Remote Web Access Remote SSH Access Ethernet Switch Port Forwarding  Allow Incoming Ping             LAN IP:    DMZ     Custom Port Forwarding   Category Available Rules Games VPN Audio/Video Apps Servers User Alien vs Predator Asheron's Call Dark Rein 2 Delta Force Doom Dune 2000 DirectX (7,8) Games EliteForce EverQuest Fighter Ace II Half Life Heretic II Hexen II Kali Motorhead MSN Gaming Zone Myth: The Fallen Lords Need for Speed Porche Need for Speed 3 Outlows Rainbow 6 Rogue Spear Starcraft Tiberian Sun Ultima Unreal Tournment Quake 3 Server Quake 2 Server Unreal Server                                       " type=submit> Applied Rules   Need Help? What is Port Forwarding used for? Port Forwarding is used when you want to provide public access to services running on your private LAN (such as a web server or FTP server). When a firewall is enabled, certain ports on a LAN may be blocked. Port forwarding allows incoming traffic from the Internet and directs it to specific services on your LAN based on the configured IP address and port number. What is the Allow Incoming Ping option used for? The Allow Incoming Ping option specifies whether or not you want your Vonage Phone Adapter to respond to a ping from the Internet. By default, this option is not enabled. How do I setup Port Forwarding? Incorrectly changing these settings may interrupt your Internet or voice service or increase the vulnerability of computers on your home network to hacker attacks. We recommend that only users with advanced networking knowledge change these settings . More... My video game does not appear on the pre-defined list of video games. What do I do? If your video game does not appear on the list, you will need to setup a Customer Port Forwarding rule. The specific information necessary to setup the rule is provided in the game’s documentation. Where do I define a Custom Port Forwarding rule? To define a Custom Port Forwarding rule, click on the Custom Port Forwarding link. The LAN IP Address of the computer hosting my server/application does not appear in the drop down list. What do I do? If the LAN IP address does not appear in the list, you can define it by clicking ion the New IP button. Selecting this button brings you to the LAN Clients page. How do I remove a Port Forwarding rule? To remove or disable a Port Forwarding rule, simply highlight the rule in the Applied Rules list and click the Remove button. Click the Save button.
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