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>Tools>User Management Restore Defaults Import/Export Configuration Remote Log - Router User Management Ping Test Restart User Management User Management is used to change your User Name or Password. User Name: Password: Confirmed Password: Idle Timeout:  minutes Error:   Need Help? What is the user name and default password? The user name is router and the default password is router . Can I change my password? Yes, you can change your password. To change your password: 1. Simply enter a new password in the Password field. A valid password can contain has up to 64 characters. 2. Re-enter that same password in the Confirmed Password field. Caution: If you change the password from the default settings, be sure to remember it. If you forget the password you define, the only way to gain access to these web pages will be to perform a hard reset on the device. Performing a hard reset on the device will reset ALL user defined router values. You will need to define these values again or restore them from a previously saved backup. What if I forgot my password? If you change the password from the default, and then forget it, you must perform a hard reset of the device to login again. Caution: Performing a hard reset of the device will reset ALL user defined router values. What is Idle Timeout? Idle Timeout specifies the length of time a user can be inactive without having to re-login to the Vonage Phone Adapter user interface. The default is 10 minutes. So this means if you are logged in to the Vonage Phone Adapter user interface but are not actively using it, you will automatically be logged out after 10 minutes. You can change the Idle timeout value by entering a new value in the field and clicking on the Save button. How do I perform a hard reset on the Vonage Phone Adapter? A hard reset sets the device back to the firmware's default values; therefore it will clear all the router settings you have configured in the device. Examples of the settings that will be lost are ISP information and security settings. To perform a hard reset on the device: 1. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. The reset button is located on the back of the device and may require a small non-conducting object, such as a plastic body pen, be inserted to press it. 2. Wait for the device to reboot. Wait until the Vonage Phone Adapter completes its startup sequence. This usually takes about 30 seconds. 3. You will now be able to login to the device using the default user name and password.
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