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Motorola Home Networking Product WR850G   SECURITY This page allows you to configure security features, to protect information shared over wireless connections. Wireless Interface:      motorola \ (\) Select Open or Shared . Must be set to Open to use WPA or WPA2 features.', LEFT);" onmouseout="return nd();" width=310>802.11 Authentication:      Open Shared 802.1X Authentication:      Enabled Disabled WPA:      Enabled Disabled WPA2:      Enabled Disabled WPA2 Pre-authentication:      Enabled Disabled WPA-PSK:       Enabled Disabled WPA2-PSK:       Enabled Disabled WPA Encryption:       TKIP AES TKIP+AES WPA Pass Phrase:          Network Key Rotation Interval:      802.1X Authentication is Enabled , WEP requires at least one WEP Network Key below.', LEFT);" onmouseout="return nd();" width=310>WEP Encryption:      Enabled Disabled WEP Network Key 1:      WEP Network Key 2:      WEP Network Key 3:      WEP Network Key 4:      WEP Network Key will be used for encrypting data and/or authenticating clients.', LEFT);" onmouseout="return nd();" width=310>Current WEP Network Key Index:      1 2 3 4 RADIUS Server:      RADIUS Port:      RADIUS Shared Secret:      Network Re-authentication Interval:         -->
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