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>Status>Connection Status HOME SETUP ADVANCED TOOLS STATUS LOGOUT Network Statistics Voice Status WiMAX Connection Status Available Access Points Initialization Log LAN Attached DHCP Clients Connection Status WiMAX Link Status : Connected Reason : NA Thermal Status : Normal Since : Tue Sep 15 19:20:51 2009 WiMAX IP : WiMAX MAC : AP ID :   DHCP Status : Connected Since : Tue Sep 15 19:20:54 2009 Lease Expires in : 7day 14hr 3min 57sec Disconnect Reason : NA   Automatic page refresh On this page, you can: View status related to WiMAX connection How to understand the status: The following indicates an active WiMAX / Internet connection:   WiMAX 'Link Status': Up   DHCP Status: Connected   WiMAX IP: not 'NA' If there is any problem with your Internet connection, verify the WiMAX settings under Setup tab
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