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>Advanced>Dynamic Routing HOME SETUP ADVANCED TOOLS STATUS LOGOUT --> UPnP --> SNTP --> IP QoS --> Port Forwarding --> IP Filters --> LAN Clients --> Static Routing --> Dynamic Routing --> Remote Web Access --> Ethernet Switch Dynamic Routing Enable/disable Dynamic Routing (RIP) on the LAN Enable RIP Protocol: RIP v1 RIP v2 RIP v1 Compatible     Enable Password Password: Interface   Direction LAN   None In Out Both --> On this page, you can: Turn on/off dynamic routing for the LAN How to turn OFF dynamic routing: Uncheck the 'Enable RIP' checkbox Click the Save button How to turn ON dynamic routing: Check the 'Enable RIP' checkbox From the 'Protocol' drop-down box, select the version of RIP to use If you selected "RIPv2" protocol, select whether to enable password authentication for RIP packets. Check the 'Enable Password' checkbox to enable password authentication, or uncheck to disable it. The password is up to 16 characters long. From the 'Direction' drop-down box, select the RIP direction on the LAN:   Both: the gateway will both receive RIP updates and sends its routing table to other routers in the LAN   In: the gateway will receive RIP updates only   Out: the gateway will send RIP updates only   None: the gateway will not receive nor send any routing updates Click the Save button
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