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>Advanced>Web Access Control HOME SETUP ADVANCED TOOLS STATUS LOGOUT --> UPnP --> SNTP --> IP QoS --> Port Forwarding --> IP Filters --> LAN Clients --> Static Routing --> Dynamic Routing --> Remote Web Access --> Ethernet Switch Remote Web Access This page allows configuring remote access to this Web application. A single IP address or a subnet of IP addresses can be configured for access.     Enable: Remote Network IP: Remote Netmask: Redirect Port:   The gateway will be automatically restarted after setting is saved. --> Point at error markers to see error details --> On this page, you can: Turn on/off remote access to this Web interface How to turn OFF remote access: Uncheck the 'Enable' checkbox Click the Save button How to turn ON remote access: Check the 'Enable' checkbox Enter the IP address of the remote host in the 'Remote Network IP' textbox, e.g: The remote host is the computer you will use to access this Web interface. Enter the netmask of the remote host' network in the 'Remote Netmask' textbox, e.g: Enter the port number to use to access this Web Interface. The default is '8080'. Click the Save button Note: The port number will be used together with the gateway's WiMAX IP address to access the Web interface. For example, if the gateway's WiMAX IP address is, you will access the Web interface using
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