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>Status>Voice Status HOME SETUP ADVANCED TOOLS STATUS LOGOUT Network Statistics Voice Status WiMAX Connection Status Available Access Points Initialization Log LAN Attached DHCP Clients Voice Status Last Configuration Update : 06-26-2009 21:28:29 Provisioning Status : Provisioning succeeded Registration Status : Line 1 - Success Line 2 - Failed Automatic page refresh On this page, you can: View status related to the voice feature How to understand the status: Last configuration update: the last date and time when the voice feature was successfully provisioned Provisioning status: the result of last attempt to provision voice feature Registration status: status of each telephone line in registering with the network Note: If only one phone line is activated, Line 1 should indicate a success, while Line 2 a failure. If your voice service is interrupted, and Provisioning Status or Registration Status indicates failure, contact your service provider.
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