IPv6 LAN Auto Configuration for the NetComm NB304NRouter Sceenshot

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IPv6 LAN Auto Configuration Note: Stateful DHCPv6 is supported based on the assumption of prefix length less than 64. Interface ID does NOT support ZERO COMPRESSION "::". Please enter the complete information. For example: Please enter "0:0:0:2" instead of "::2". Static LAN IPv6 Address Configuration Interface Address (prefix length is required): IPv6 LAN Applications Enable DHCPv6 Server   Stateless   Stateful        Start interface ID:        End interface ID:        Leased Time (hour): Enable RADVD Site Prefix Configuration   Delegated Site Prefix from WAN   Static Site Prefix        Site Prefix:        Site Prefix Length:   Enable MLD Snooping   Standard Mode   Blocking Mode
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