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ATM PVC Configuration This screen allows you to configure an ATM PVC identifier (VPI and VCI), select DSL latency, select a service categoryS. Otherwise choose an existing interface by selecting the checkbox to enable it. VPI: [0-255] VCI: [32-65535] Select DSL Latency  Path0  Path1 Select DSL Link Type (EoA is for PPPoE, IPoE, and Bridge.)  EoA  PPPoA  IPoA Select Connection Mode  Default Mode - Single service over one connection  VLAN MUX Mode - Multiple Vlan service over one connection Encapsulation Mode: LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING VC/MUX Service Category: UBR Without PCR UBR With PCR CBR Non Realtime VBR Realtime VBR       Peak Cell Rate: [cells/s]       Sustainable Cell Rate: [cells/s]       Maximum Burst Size: [cells] Enabling IP QoS for a PVC improves performance for selected classes of applications.  QoS can only be enabled for UBR without PCR. QoS consumes system resources; therefore the number of PVCs will be reduced. Use Advanced Setup/Quality of Service to assign priorities for the applications. Enable IP QoS Select IP QoS Scheduler Algorithm  Strict Priority           Precedence of the default queue: 8 (lowest)  Weighted Fair Queuing           Weight Value of the default queue: [1-63]           MPAAL Group Precedence: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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