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Add Network Traffic Class Rule The screen creates a traffic class rule to classify the upstream traffic, assign queue which defines the precedence and the interface and optionally overwrite the IP header DSCP byte. A rule consists of a class name and at least one condition below. All of the specified conditions in this classification rule must be satisfied for the rule to take effect. Click 'Save/Apply' to save and activate the rule. Traffic Class Name: Rule Order:                                                 Last Rule Status:                                                 Disable Enable Assign ATM Priority and/or DSCP Mark for the class If non-blank value is selected for 'Assign Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) Mark', the correcponding DSCP byte in the IP header of the upstream packet is overwritten by the selected value. Assign Classification Queue:                                                   Assign Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) Mark:                                                 default AF13(001110) AF12(001100) AF11(001010) CS1(001000) AF23(010110) AF22(010100) AF21(010010) CS2(010000) AF33(011110) AF32(011100) AF31(011010) CS3(011000) AF43(100110) AF42(100100) AF41(100010) CS4(100000) EF(101110) CS5(101000) CS6(110000) CS7(111000)   Mark 802.1p if 802.1q is enabled:                                                 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7     Specify Traffic Classification Rules Enter the following conditions either for IP level, SET-1, or for IEEE 802.1p, SET-2.   SET-1 Protocol:                                                 TCP/UDP TCP UDP ICMP Exclude Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) Check:                                                 default(000000) AF13(001110) AF12(001010) AF11(001001) CS1(001000) AF23(010110) AF22(010010) AF21(010001) CS2(010000) AF33(011110) AF32(011010) AF31(011001) CS3(011000) AF43(100110) AF42(100010) AF41(100001) CS4(100000) EF(101110) CS5(101000) CS6(110000) CS7(111000) Exclude                                                 IP Address Vendor Class ID(DHCP Option 60) User class ID(DHCP option 77) Exclude Source Subnet Mask:     UDP/TCP Source Port (port or port:port): Exclude Destination IP Address: Exclude Destination Subnet Mask:   UDP/TCP Destination Port (port or port:port): Exclude Source MAC Address:   Source MAC Mask:   Destination MAC Address:   Destination MAC Mask:     SET-2 802.1p Priority:                                                 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Exclude
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