Advanced Settings IPv6 for the NetComm NP805N-11nRouter Sceenshot

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   Status    Network Setup Network Setup DHCP Server Wireless Change Password    Forwarding Rules Virtual Server Port Triggering Miscellaneous    Security Settings Status Packet Filters Domain Filters URL Blocking MAC Control Miscellaneous    Advanced Settings Status System Log Dynamic DNS QoS SNMP Routing System Time Scheduling IPv6 TR-069 VLAN    NAS Settings Disk Utility File Sharing Access Control iTunes Server Download Assistant Download Status Web HDD    Toolbox System Info Restore Settings Firmware Upgrade Backup Settings Reset to Default Reboot Startup Wizard Miscellaneous Logout Item Setting IPv6 Disable Enable IPv6 Connection Static IPv6 DHCPv6 PPPoE 6 to 4 IPv6 in IPv4 Tunnel IPv6 Address Subnet Prefix Length Default Gateway Primary DNS Address Secondary DNS Address DNS Setting Obtain DNS Server address Automatically Use the following DNS address Primary DNS Address Secondary DNS Address Address Mode Dynamic IP Static IP IP Address Username Password Service Name Reconnect Mode Auto Reconnect (always-on) 6 to 4 Address Primary DNS Address Secondary DNS Address Remote IPv4 Address Local IPv4 Address Local IPv6 Address /64 Primary DNS Address Secondary DNS Address WAN IPv6 Address   /  WAN Link-Local Address   Link Status Disconnected LAN IPv6 Address /64 ::0   LAN IPv6 Link-Local Address \ Autoconfiguration Disable Enable Autoconfiguration Type Stateless Stateful (DHCPv6) IPv6 Address Range(Start) /64 IPv6 Address Range(End) /64 IPv6 Address Lifetime Seconds Router Advertisement Lifetime Seconds
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