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Connection Configuration      Help Login Connection Information Check Connection Wi-Fi Advanced Connection Configuration PPP Location Change Device Access Code Security Port Forwarding Port Triggering ALG Statistics Remote Access Manual Update Scheduled Update Reset Gateway Log Technician Readout   Connection Configuration WARNING Changing these settings may interfere with your ability to connect to the Internet. Internet Connection Configuration User ID    Example: Password    Provided by your Internet Service Provider. Retype Password   VPI VCI Disable automatic searching for additional VPI/VCI Protocol PPPoE PPPoA RoutedIP   Maximum allowable MTU  ATM Encapsulation VC-Mux LLC   Home Network Configuration Enable IPv6 on Home Network? Yes No. Private Lan DHCP Server Enable Public Lan DHCP Server Enable Private Lan Enable Public Lan Enable Public Proxied Public Routed Bypass Firewall Filter      Configure Static DHCP Reservation       Private LAN IP Address Public LAN IP Address Private LAN Subnet Mask Public LAN Subnet Mask DHCP Start IP Address DHCP Start IP Address DHCP End IP Address DHCP End IP Address Override default (24 hours) with value below to change the IP address lease time used by LAN device DHCP Lease : : Days : Hours : Minutes To protect your local devices, the firewall normally drops inbound unsolicited traffic. That traffic can instead be transferred to a LAN host with the option below. To switch between Static NAT and IP Pass-through, first select and save Dropped. Then select and save the new option. Current settings for unsolicited traffic is Dropped. Dropped IP Pass-through Static NAT   Please select the device to receive all unsolicited traffic None \ \ IP Address: Override default (10 minutes) with value below to change the IP address lease time used by IP Passthrough device DHCP Lease : : Days : Hours : Minutes      Cancel  
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