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Port Forwarding      Help Login Connection Information Check Connection Wi-Fi Advanced Connection Configuration PPP Location Change Device Access Code Security Port Forwarding Port Triggering ALG Statistics Remote Access Manual Update Scheduled Update Reset Gateway Log Technician Readout   Port Forwarding Service Name  Select A Service Aliens vs. Predator Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Americas Army America Online Anarchy Online AOL Instant Messenger Asheron's Call Battlecom Battlefield 1942 Black and White Blizzard Battle.net (Diablo II) Buddy Phone Bungie.net, Myth, Myth II Server Calista IP Phone Citrix Metaframe Client POP/IMAP Client SMTP Counter Strike Dark Reign 2 Delta Force (Client and Server) Delta Force 2 Delta Force: Land Warrior DNS Elite Force Everquest F-16, Mig 29 F-22 Lightning 3 F-22 Raptor Fighter Ace II Fighter Ace II for DX play FTP GameSpy Online Ghost Recon GNUtella Half Life Server Heretic II Server Hexen II Hotline Server HTTPS ICMP Echo ICQ OLD ICQ 2001b ICUII Client ICUII Client Version 4.xx IMAP IMAP v.3 Internet Phone IPSEC IKE Ivisit JKII:JO KALI, Doom & Doom II KaZaa Limewire Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault mIRC Chat Motorhead Server MSN Game Zone MSN Game Zone (DX 7 & 8 play) MSN Messenger Napster Need for Speed 3, Hot Pursuit Need for Speed, Porsche Net2Phone NetMeeting NNTP Operation Flashpoint Outlaws Pal Talk pcAnywhere host Phone Free Quake 2 Quake 3 Quicktime 4/Real Audio Rainbow Six & Rogue Spear RealOne Player RealAudio Return To Castle Wolfenstein Roger Wilco ShoutCast Server Slingbox Spinner Radio/Netscape Music SSH Secure Shell Starcraft Starfleet Command SOF/SOFII Telnet Tiberian Sun & Dune 2000 Tribes2 Ultima Online Unreal Tournament Server USENET News Service VNC Westwood Online, C&C World Wide Web (HTTP) Xbox Live Yahoo Messenger Chat Yahoo Messenger Phone --------------------- Custom Defined --------------------- *PF1 ' * ' Denotes Custom Service          New Custom Service    * If your firewall is enabled, the firewall rules take precedence over the Services  
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